Father of the Bride


You have to get the Father-of-the-Bride a gift, it’s the classy thing to do. You are probably going to give hip flasks to the groomsmen, and the best man, of course, so you might as well give one of these snazzy, traditional gifts to the Father-of-the-Bride! It will probably make his whole day! Not only is he losing a daughter, and the financial responsibilities, but he is gaining a small, 6 or 8 ounce, 100% stainless steel container, in which he can put his favorite libation, when he goes fishing, or to a sporting event, or to play golf, and get away from his wife, now that it will just be the two of them in the house! After all, he cannot take being dragged to another flea market or antique store, but I digress…

Hip Flasks have become quite the wonderful gift for a bride and groom to give to the groomsmen these days, and they are often given to the bridesmaids as well. Might as well include his dad and her dad on the list of gift recipients, who shall receive a top quality, 100% stainless steel, hip flask. You can even upgrade the gifts to include a handy funnel, a pair of shot glasses, and put it all into a handsome giftn box.

We offer free engraving, personalization, customization, and free shipping! So you see, you cannot leave out the bride’s dad, whether he is her biological dad, step dad, or father by adoption, because the man deserves a nice gift, such as this. Go ahead… make his day!