Father Of The Groom

The Father Of The Groom just may be even more important than the best man! After all, the best man is just a brother or a good friend, but the father, might have taught the man about to wed, most of what he needed to know, to get through his childhood without falling out of a tree, hitting a bee’s nest with a stick, and touching a lighted match to the container in the garage that holds the gasoline for the lawn mower. Yikes!

The Father Of The Groom may have given him the prepubescent talk about girls and “stuff,” and might have prevented this marriage from happening years ago, and to the “wrong” girl. The groom’s dad is one of the four most important people at most weddings, along with the mother of the groom, as well as the parents of the bride! (These days, if both the bride and groom have divorced parents, who all remarried, then it could be 8 people, when you add-in the step-fathers and step-mothers, but I digress.)

The Father Of The Groom might even be helping with the cost of the wedding, because these days there are many times when the cost of the entire wedding is not allowed to rest solely on the shoulders of the father of the bride, alone!

The Father Of The Groom has to also be remembered when it comes to the gifts to the groomsmen, and especially when it is something very cool, such as a top-quality, leak-proof, functional hip flask. It might have his name or monogram engraved upon it, and it might also have the names of his son and daughter-in-law-to-be as well. You can get free customization and personalization when you deal with an awesome company such as www.Flasks.com where the selection and service are both superb!