Gift Sets

One of the most popular gifts to give to a groomsman in your wedding is a hip flask. But not just any ole’ hip flask will do. Certainly not something you picked up at a flea market, which may or may not be leak proof, and which may or may not be stainless steel, and which may or may not “hold up” over the years! It should be and Top-Quality Flask, preferably engraved or personalized in some way, and presented in a stylish gift box which greatly raises the perceived value of the gift. Not all gift boxes are created equal, either. You will want a gift box that also has some flask accessories inside. Flask accessories, you ask? Yes!

The most common flask accessory would be a flask funnel, which is extremely handy when pouring Captain Morgan into the flask, or any other libation, for that matter. If you want to go further you could also try a gift box with not just a funnel but also some shot glasses…that’s another classy move! So, when your groomsmen receive a gift wrapped box, and inside is a funnel, a pair of shot glasses, and a stylish flask with his name engraved on it, and perhaps the date, and the names of the lucky couple… Wow! That says it all!

Even non-drinkers will treasure a gift like that! Who wouldn’t? It is also suitable for keeping on a shelf with other trophies and mementos! Please check out our awesome for groomsman flasks with optional gift boxes. We offer free shipping, free engraving or personalization, and you will love our huge selection and speedy service! You will even be back for flasks, as gifts, for other occasions!