Macho Flasks

Macho Flasks

I need gifts for all of the groomsmen in my upcoming wedding, plus the best man, as well as Stacie’s dad, and my step-dad. I was thinking of getting them some macho flasks, but I want really good ones, and I want to have them engraved, and I want each guy to have his initials on his own flask, plus my name and Stacie’s name, and the date of the wedding.

“What do you mean by macho, as in “tough guy”?”

“No, I mean as in, not the least bit girly.”


“You know, feminine.”

“Oh, so you want them “masculine” looking?”


“Well, of course, you want something in black and white, perhaps with a tuxedo design, or a mustache, or something like that!”

“Now you’re talking! Something black and white and tuxedo themed!”

“And with free engraving, free personalization, and free shipping?”

“That would be cool, but no one ships merchandise for free.”

“Well, there is ONE place, that can take care of all your flask needs, and they DO have free shipping!”

“Wow, that’s cool! Where?”