Monogram Flasks

A monogram is a group of letters, usually 1 or 3, that signify a persons name using only the first letter in each of the persons given names. If your name is Kevin Sam Foster your initials are KSF and your monogram would then be either “F” for Foster or KFS for Kevin, Foster Sam. In a three letter monogram the last name and middle name letters are reversed so the last name letter is in the center. The center initial (now being the first letter of the last name) is enlarged so that it is bigger than the other two letters on either side.

A monogram is a more traditional method of personalization that is among the oldest and most commonly used today when making groomsmen flasks. A monogram is often requested with engraving or printing on hip flasks because of it’s simple elegance but many times shoppers confuse the proper setup of “Initials” vrs. “Monogram.” If you are looking for a personalized hip flask with monogramming be sure to check out to make sure it is done correctly.

Name: Kevin Sam Foster
Initials: KSF for Kevin Sam Foster
Monogram: “F” for Foster or “KFS” for┬áKevin, Foster Sam