Mustache Hip Flasks

Mustache Flasks? Yes, of course!

Our clever mustache designed hip flasks make excellent groomsmen gifts! Mustache flasks have been around for several years but only in the past year or so have they really gained in popularity. The uniqueness and novelty of a mustache flask is perfect for maintaining camaraderie between groomsmen. The mustache is commonly positioned on the flask so that when the drinker sips from the flask it will appear as though they have a burly mustache.

If your Uncle Guido is a barber, he might also enjoy a mustache flask, and these handsome stainless steel flasks also make the perfect promotional gift for a barbershop to sell or to give away to their best customers. The tuxedo flasks are also ideal for a men’s clothing store to use in the same manner!

Many times these groomsmen flasks can be personalized with names and other text as well. If you are looking for a unique groomsmen gift, then a unique mustache flask may be just what you are looking for. Order Your Mustache Hip Flasks Here! We can even turn it into a set, with a nice gift box, a handy funnel, and two shot glasses! Now you’re talking! We have every kind of flask YOU need, and for every kind of occasion! Check out our complete line by clicking the link above!